Radiography (X-Ray)

X-ray technology has come a long way. Digital x-rays are portable, virtually wireless and allow veterinarians to bring the x-ray to the horse and view the images instantly in the barn.  Shiland Equine is equipped with the newest IDEXX Carestream System, allowing us to accurately and quickly take images that are extremely detailed.  These images are so detailed that the hair and even dirt are visible, so it is important to clean any debris from your horse before imaging.  Not only are we able to image all areas of the distal limbs but we are now able to x-ray the skull, neck and spine in great detail.  

This technology allows us to make accurate, timely diagnoses to better serve our clients and get our patients the best treatment possible. Our system also allows us to email high quality images to our clients on site, or forward them onto surgical hospitals and other veterinarians immediately.



Digital ultrasound can be used to diagnose equine soft tissue injuries such as flexor tendon lesions.  The images can be saved and sent for consultation and used for targeted treatments to allow for shorter healing time and a better overall prognosis. Multiple probes also allow us to image thoracic (lung fields), abdominal organs, and do reproductive/breeding examinations.  It is also essential for many procedures, such as ultrasound guided sacroiliac (hip) injections.