Pre-Purchase Exams

When purchasing a horse, many buyers rely on a pre-purchase examination in order to make an informed decision prior to purchasing their next equine partner. At Shiland Equine we offer a thorough pre-purchase package to ensure the horse is in good physical health.  Our pre-purchase examination includes an extensive physical exam which includes ophthalmic, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and general health examinations.  It also includes flexion tests conducted on all four distal limbs to identify joint and soft tissue pain that may cause lameness in the future.  

    At the end of the examination the veterinarian will outline the findings to both owner and buyer and provide a typed report.  If x-rays are requested there are several packages available.  Blood work and endoscopic exams can also be done upon the buyer’s request.  A detailed report of the findings along with digital copies of any x-rays are sent to the buyer so they may make an informed decision.  This report may also serve as an insurance examination within 30 days of the exam.